About the module

This module is an introduction to philosophy of the arts. As you might expect, philosophy of the arts is a huge area, and it would be impossible to cover all of it in a single module. I have thus chosen a selection of topics that interest me, and I hope you will find them interesting too. Some of these topics are ones that are central to philosophy of the arts as it is covered by the Anglo-American tradition in Philosophy. But we will also touch on some Japanese aesthetics, and consider some issues that arise in connection with so-called traditional art, i.e., that produced by small-scale, largely indigenous societies.

You can get a sense of what we will cover by looking at the readings. I may add to this page as we go along, and you should feel free to investigate any of the topics that interest you for yourself – there is no need to stick to the books and articles I have listed. The items on the reading list are available electronically via the University of Sheffield, or as pdf’s in the module dropbox (the dropbox link is available in Blackboard/MOLE).

Slides for the lectures each week will also be put up in Blackboard/MOLE.