Essay Questions


  • Choose either Expression Theory, Institutional Accounts of Art, or Cluster Accounts of Art and assess whether this approach to classifying art is successful.


  1. Is so-called ‘primitive’ or ‘traditional’ art ‘Art’?
  2. Should we distinguish art from craft?
  3. Can pornography be art?
  4. Are ‘aesthetic’ properties, such as being beautiful, elegant, garish, etc., objective properties of artworks?
  5. What is aesthetic experience?
  6. Can there be aesthetic experience of the everyday?
  7. Can aesthetic appreciation of the everyday make the world a better place?
  8. Can we make sense of claims which state that a particular cultural form belongs to a particular culture?
  9. Are some instances of cultural appropriation acts of theft? Why or why not?
  10. ‘Cultural appropriation is wrong in some cases because it contributes to the destruction of the culture.’ Discuss.
  11. To what extent are conventions involved in depiction?
  12. Explain Wollheim’s notion of ‘seeing-in’. Can it account for depiction?
  13. Is Kendall Walton’s account of pictorial representation successful?
  14. Is creativity in art a rational activity or process?
  15. Is there reason to think that mental illness is an advantage when it comes to creating art?
  16. To what extent is creativity a social phenomenon?