Longer Essay Questions

The assessment for this module comprises an optional formative essay, and either one longer summative essay, or two shorter summative essays.


  • Choose either Expression Theory, Institutional Accounts of Art, or Cluster Accounts of Art and assess whether this approach to classifying art is successful.

It may be possible to write your essay addressing a question that is not on this list. If you have an idea for a topic you want to write about, have a chat with me. You cannot write an essay question about a topic that will be on the exam.

  1. Is so-called ‘primitive’ or ‘traditional’ art ‘Art’?
  2. Should we distinguish art from craft?
  3. Can pornography be art?
  4. Are ‘aesthetic’ properties, such as being beautiful, elegant, garish, etc., objective properties of artworks?
  5. (a) What is aesthetic experience?
    (b) Can there be aesthetic experience of the everyday?
  6. Can aesthetic appreciation of the everyday make the world a better place?