Seminar 5

Reading: Sections V and VI of Irvin, Sherri. 2008. The pervasiveness of the aesthetic in ordinary experience. British Journal of Aesthetics 48: 29-44. (You can read more of the paper if you want, but the first sections are quite challenging, and we will only discuss sections V and VI in class.)

  1. Can you think of some examples of the aesthetics of everyday experience?
  2. What does Irvin mean when she claims that it is important for self-knowledge to acknowledge the existence of everyday aesthetics?
  3. What does she mean by the ‘hedonic’ reason for paying attention to everyday aesthetics?
  4. What reasons does she give for thinking that everyday aesthetics is of moral importance?
  5. How can everyday aesthetics deal with the problem of sacrifice that Irvin outlines in section VI?
  6. Do you agree with her claims?