Seminar 6

Reading: Matthes, Erich Hatala. 2016. Cultural appropriation without cultural essentialism? Social Theory and Practice,42 (2): 343-366, section B.

  1. Thinking back to the lecture discussion last week, what is cultural essentialism? Why is this an undesirable position?
  2. What is the family resemblance account of culture and cultural membership?
  3. What is wrong with it, according to Matthes?
  4. Explain the self-identification account.
  5. Why won’t this work?
  6. What is Suzy Killmister’s ‘reframing the question’ approach?
  7. Can it solve the problem?
  8. What is strategic essentialism?
  9. Does this provide the account we need to make sense of cultural appropriation?
  10. Describe the appeal to lineages.
  11. Does this solve the problem?