Seminar 7

Reading: Gracyk, T. 2012. The Philosophy of Art. Malden: Polity Press, ch.1, section 1.2. [DROPBOX]

  1. What are the two competing positions that someone might take on pictures?
  2. Explain the distinction between denotation and predication.
  3. What do conventionalists claim about pictures?
  4. Explain the four reasons for holding the conventionalist position.
  5. What is Goodman’s argument for conventionalism?
  6. How do perceptual theorists respond to Goodman’s conventionalism?
  7. What is Hopkins’ account of outline form?
  8. How do perceptual theorists manage to accommodate conventionalism by appealing to intentions?
  9. What is recognition theory?
  10. Explain the objection to it in the last paragraph of page 11.