Teaching and Assessment

COVID-19: As a result of the ongoing pandemic crisis, the university has made significant changes to teaching and assessment.

These will be recorded and uploaded to the Blackboard page on Monday afternoons. You can access them under ‘Handouts and Slides’. Under each topic section, you will find the handout, the slides without audio, and the slides with me talking you through them. I’ve divided the recorded slides into shorter sections to make it easier to load them, and hopefully easier for you to follow the thoughts and ideas therein.

Seminars will resume once the Summer term begins on 20th April. The Department is currently working out how to replace face-to-face teaching for seminars, as not everyone is able to access Collaborate at the same time for us to have them this way. I’ll update you on seminar arrangements once I know more.

Assessment for the module has been converted to coursework. The university has also reduced the amount of assessment and brought in a no detriment rule for this semester. The aim is to enable people to continue with their studies so they can retain a sense of normal life during the pandemic and also so that people can still graduate on time. But also ensuring that people are sufficiently supported in these weird circumstances, as we try to adjust to being in different places, caring for relatives and friends, and just generally trying to deal with the situation.

Essays for this module –
1 optional formative essay (2,000 words)
If anyone hasn’t written the formative essay, but would like to do so, you can submit it by 15th April.

You can then choose to either write:
1 longer coursework essay (2,000 – 2,500 words)
The questions for the longer essays are available here.

2 shorter coursework essays (1,000 – 1,250 words each)
The questions for the shorter coursework essays will be available from 15th April. They cover the later topics for the module – what would have been the exam.